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pyenvでのインストールで失敗したので,Command Line Toolsをインストール.

pyenvでのインストールで失敗したので,Command Line Toolsをインストール.


$ xcode-select --install



$ pyenv install 3.4.2

> Downloading Python-3.4.2.tgz...

> -> https://yyuu.github.io/pythons/44a3c1ef1c7ca3e4fd25242af80ed72da941203cb4ed1a8c1b724d9078965dd8

> Installing Python-3.4.2...

> ERROR: The Python ssl extension was not compiled. Missing the OpenSSL lib?

> Please consult to the Wiki page to fix the problem.

> https://github.com/yyuu/pyenv/wiki/Common-build-problems

> BUILD FAILED (OS X 10.10.1 using python-build 20141028)

> Inspect or clean up the working tree at /var/folders/8d/8t2h2znj4p31dw96l2blmrfc0000gn/T/python-build.20150115233444.87406

> Results logged to /var/folders/8d/8t2h2znj4p31dw96l2blmrfc0000gn/T/python-build.20150115233444.87406.log